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Breadcrumb’s AI empowers marketing, sales, and ops professionals to collaborate and present data without data skills.
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The world’s most intuitive AI analysis platform is here

Unlike existing analysis tools that require technical people to get setup, Breadcrumb is truly no code. This allows everyone on your team to brainstorm and collaborate with data.
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Take Control. Speed Things Up

Working with data as easy as writing a tweet

Bring all your data into one easy-to-use, collaborative canvas. Teams can sync up in real-time to share insights and align strategy.

Your new data experience

See how we’ve taken the work out of working with data.

Connect data with AI

Breadcrumb’s AI integrates and cleans your data so you don’t have to rely on a data engineer. Connect with spreadsheets and applications like Airtable. Other connectors available upon request.

Become the expert

Effortlessly generate full dashboards and dynamic widgets, and easily move them to enhance context and reveal deeper insights. Let your data lead you to new discoveries.

Brainstorm with facts

Empower your teams in marketing, sales, operations, and more to uncover insights together in real-time. Engage stakeholders with seamless collaboration that turns data into a shared resource to uncover opportunities.

Look Brilliant

Generate detailed reports that illuminate your data insights. Create professional, easy-to-understand, and customizable reports that can be shared effortlessly, enhancing clarity and impact in your communications. ⇒ Clearly communicate your strategy with evidence. Use our AI to generate impactful data stories. Reports are customizable, easily shared, and interactive.

How Ops, Sales, and Marketing Communicate with Facts

Connect data across teams for unlock opportunities.

Streamline Operations

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Enhance your operational efficiency with instant access to critical facts. Streamline workflows and optimize processes, so your team operates at peak performance.

Accelerate Sales

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Transform your sales strategy with compelling data visuals. Deliver key metrics and trends that empower your team to close deals faster and drive precise sales growth.

Drive Marketing Decisions

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Elevate your marketing efforts with real-time analysis. Steer campaign performance with deep insights that amplify your marketing impact and ROI.

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