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Turn your documents into clear, visual insights automatically.

Breadcrumb analyzes your documents so you can improve productivity and understand how to grow your business instantly. Get instant insights and bring clarity to your business.

You don’t need to understand data

You don’t have to know data analysis. Just connect your documents or favorite tools in seconds. We combine and understand your data for you. Ask questions in everyday language to view insights that meet your goals.

Combine new perspectives

Combine insights from marketing, delivery, finance, and more to give your team a big picture understanding. Seize opportunities and spot risks fast.

Transform your business

Use the latest technology to do analysis for you. Save time on analysis and achieve instant results. Discover hidden insights that reveal opportunities for growth and identify issues before they become problems. Example Usecases:
  • Cashflow insights
  • Customer opportunities
  • Project and people performance
  • Initiative and project status

Stop spending hours looking through documents

Instant insights, status updates, cross-team alignment, sentiment analysis, relationship-building tactics and more.
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15 new connections in the agriculture space
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Overview of property listings, rental rates, tenant turnover
Use this information to ensure that your properties are profitable and well-maintained.
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